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What Does AXA Travel Online Cover?
Travel Delay
We’ve got you covered if your pre-booked transport is delayed for 6 hours or more.
Up to RM3,200
Baggage Damage/Delay
We’ve got you covered on the loss or damage to your baggage, including delay by the carrier.
Up to RM1,600
Trip Cancellation
We’ve got you covered for cancellation costs due to unforeseeable events outside of your control.
Up to RM20,000
Emergency Medical Expenses
We’ve got you covered on overseas emergency medical, hospital and dental expenses.
UP TO RM300,000
Emergency Medical Transportation
We’ve got you covered on the emergency transportation to move you to the nearest hospital.
Rental Car Excess Cover
We’ve got you covered on the excess charges if a car you rent gets damaged or stolen.
Up to RM1,000

Travel Safer With Pandemic Add-On Cover

(For Overseas Trip Only)

What is Pandemic?

Any Infectious or Contagious Disease that is declared as Pandemic by the World Health Organization

(WHO) or the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and valid as of the time such declaration is made.

What does it cover?

Trip Cancellation
If you and/or your loved ones are diagnosed with a pandemic illness prior to your trip
Trip Curtailment
If you and/or your loved ones are diagnosed with a pandemic illness during your trip, or prevents you from continuing your trip due to a pandemic outbreak
Medical and Hospital Expenses
Should you be diagnosed with a pandemic illness and need to seek medical treatment during your trip
Hospital Allowances
When you are admitted to hospital as a patient due to pandemic
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Should you require immediate medical attention directly due to pandemic illness sustained
Emergency Medical Repatriation
When you are hospitalized overseas due to a pandemic illness and it is medically necessary for you to be relocated back to Malaysia to continue treatment
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